ken hobson with student

Teaching at CCSA

We hire our instructors based on the excellence of their craft as well as their ability to effectively teach. We provide training opportunities for those interested in teaching to develop their skills and help them become effective instructors. We draw talent from everywhere but have focused concentration of showcasing talent from this area. Our instructors are hired as independent contractors, making 60% of class revenue. In most cases, instructors provide materials necessary for their classes with a fee paid directly to them by their students upon arrival. Instructors establish a minimum and maximum number of students, in cooperation with school administration with an agreed two week notice agreement prior to class about the status of enrollment. CCSA welcomes proposals year-round and encourages prospective instructors to complete and submit a completed package for committee review and consideration. Please contact us if you are interested in teaching at CCSA and we will send you an application package.

Instructor Opportunities

  • Exhibit and Sell your work
  • Provide examples that best exemplify your work as well as class samples for sale in our gift shop.
  • Join us in special programming:  Fundraisers, Festivals, Art Attacks*, Presentations... 
  • Join our leadership team by serving on a committee